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Kuwaiti Finance House (KFH) has come up with a new initiative to add value to Kuwait’s banking sector. The Islamic Finance pioneer announced earlier this week the launch of Skiplino in Kuwait, the Bahraini startup is a first-of-its-kind service in the region that allows people to book appointments with bank executives online, and book your place in a queue.

This means no more waiting in the lobby of your bank or waiting in queues. Customers can currently access the new service at, with the bank promising to soon launch a dedicated KFH Online portal/app.

Skiplino promises to serve KFH customers on multiple fronts. First, it shows users the least busy KFH branches in their vicinity at any given time, which in itself is a big advantage. On top of that customers can book appointments as per their individual preference and availability.

Reasserting KFH’s commitment to enriching customer experience using breakthrough technologies, Group Chief Retail and Private Banking Officer at KFH, Waleed Khaled Mandani, said: “The new service is part of the bank’s policy of adopting the latest financial technology (FinTech) and modern technical methods of artificial intelligence (AI) to support banking services, meet customers’ aspirations and maintain the leading position of KFH.”

Emphasizing that the adoption of AI and FinTech is in sync with KFH’s persistent strategy to play a pioneering role in innovation, Mandani added that the strategy is yielding the desired outcome by giving the Group a head-start in potentially revolutionary banking technologies.

Mandani added: “Accordingly, it [KFH] has become one of the leading banks worldwide in offering modern and innovative services of their highest standards of quality, speed, precision, and security.”