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Bahrain-based email security startup DMARC360 seems to have successfully started its global expansion agenda. The company announced earlier this week that its online platform is now being hosted in several locations across the world. 

With this strategic move, the company is now able to cater to a much wider range of markets geographically while complying with local data regulations. 

This also means that any organization from anywhere in the world can now sign up for DMARC360’s freemium or paid services via the nearest point of presence. The details surrounding the hosting locations are already available on the company’s website.

DMARC360 kick-started this new initiative to locally host data as a trust-building measure targeted at its existing, as well as prospective clients. Local hosting enhances security, availability, and of course, legal compliance with the law of the land. Moreover, the data protection laws in many countries dictate that critical data infrastructures must be hosted locally. 

The process started last year after the startup started hosting its platform locally in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This year, it has extended that initiative to the UK, the US, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan, and Malaysia. 

“We are truly thrilled to be expanding at such a steady pace. Our goal is to make our platform available to use for anyone across the globe. We want to ensure that spoofing and its associated attacks are not an option for cybercriminals,” said Abdullah Mirza, Director of Growth & Strategy, DMARC360.