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Tahera Ahmed, a graduate of the Bahrain Fashion Incubator, has designed a unique kids outfit that promises to address one of every parent’s worst nightmares. Apparently, the new outfit comes equipped with a built-in anti-lost system alongside an accompanying finder.

What this means is that as a parent, you will now be better prepared to deal with any scenario that might lead your precious little to wander away from you. The anti-lost feature in the outfit sends a notification to your mobile in real-time if the kid goes off a specific distance.

Even if the child goes beyond your visual range, you will still be able to track them with the help of the connected GPS tracker and your smartphone. 

The new product is in line with Tahera’s broader objective of finding creative solutions that address real-world problems people face.

On a related note, Bahrain Fashion Incubator is holding the region’s first-ever Fashion Startups Digital Demo Day on Aug 18 at 19:00 hours. The event is sponsored by the Mall of Dilmunia, Maison De Joelle Bahrain and the Royal University for Women.

Organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, the event will see 18 pre-incubation program graduates demonstrating their full collections and fashion business concepts. 

If you’re interested in Tahera’s new GPS-equipped kids outfit, along with her other creations, go book yourself a place at the fully digital event from the StartUpBahrain event page.