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In a recent parliamentary inquiry by MP Hamad Al-Dowai, Bahrain’s Minister of Industry and Commerce, H.E. Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro, shed light on the Kingdom’s commercial registration landscape. Confirming the breakdown of ownership, Minister Fakhro revealed that out of the total 83,877 Commercial Registrations (CRs) recorded, 54,725 are owned by Bahraini citizens.

Highlighting the collaborative spirit within Bahrain’s business ecosystem, Minister Fakhro specified that partnerships between Bahraini and non-Bahraini entities comprise 19% of the total records, amounting to 15,730 collaborations.

Furthermore, Minister Fakhro emphasized the presence of 382 commercial activities that allow foreign individuals to operate without Bahraini partners. These activities span diverse sectors, including manufacturing, banking, insurance, financial services, information and communications, as well as hospitals and medical centers.

The issuance of Commercial Registration certificates (CRs) is a crucial step for investors registering their establishments in the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. These certificates come in three types: Commercial Registration certificate without a license, Commercial Registration certificate with the license, and Virtual Commercial Registration (Sijili), aimed at simplifying procedures for small individual enterprises and entrepreneurs.