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Press Release.

Springring, a Bahraini-based EdTech platform, Co-Founded by Mohammed Ashoor and Jawad Sadiq, manages schools communication; bringing together administrators, teachers, parents and students in a simple and seamless process. 

This edtech company aims to make sure that all forms of school communication are simplified and unified under one platform strongly emphasizing that “better communication leads to better education”

Springring reached a significant milestone this year by surpassing 10,000 active users on their platform since their start in 2019. This is a huge achievement unlocked for Springring, since it shows that they are on the right track. Reaching this crucial milestone came as a result of the persistence and hard work put in by the whole team from the very beginning. 

The continuous enhancements and introduction of new features to Springring is one of the main reasons that helped Springring’s journey to 10,000 users. With each feature being introduced or enhanced, Springring gives its users the ability to utilize those features on their user-friendly platform that can be accessed either through the web or the mobile app, depending on the type of user you are.

Springring users reciprocated with positive feedback, which is essential to evaluating and measuring the platform’s performance. This gives Springring an idea on what to improve, what new features to add, or what to remove, borne out of its belief that its users’ feedback and guidance are the main drivers of both the evolution of the platform and its subsequent long-term success. 

Kim Ferreira, The Children’s House school principal, found Springring to be “really easy to use and very effective” after using Springring as their official communication platform. Another Springring user, Giles Dawson from St. Christopher’s School, found the platform “very useful to communicate to all of the parents at once.” 

As for Ms. Zainab, who is a teacher at Talent International School, described Springring as being “very excellent” in terms of communicating with students and parents. In general, what Springring users found beneficial to their organizations is the platform’s ease of use, convenience, as well as the effective communication the platform guarantees between teachers, parents and students. 

Our main driver is to make possible a seamless school-home partnership that improves our children’s educational outcomes.” 

Mohammed Ashoor, CEO and Co-founder of Springring. 

In line with its ambitious plans and commercialization of its platform beginning of this year, Springring has just launched its Seed Fundraising Round, which it is optimistic on closing before the end of this year. This is a step to further expand the brand presence in the gulf region, and from there expand on a wider scale to pave way for the ultimate goal of taking Springring global.