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The widely anticipated finale of the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2021 was held earlier this month on July 12. As you would expect, the competition was as always intense. But at the end of it, Manama-based Trillion Tree Fund emerged triumphant in the Idea track in what could be seen as a big boost to the morale of the Bahraini startup ecosystem.

By focusing on three different tracks: the creative stage, the initial stage, and the growth stage or later, the competition successfully promoted its agenda to boost entrepreneurship at all stages.

On the off chance that you are reading about them for the first time, Trillion Tree Fund is an AI-powered platform that provides risk analysis and analytics that help institutional investors identify profitable forest projects that could work in favor of their investment portfolios.

Founded by Leena Al Olaimy, Trillion Tree Fund is essentially a nonprofit social enterprise. It has committed all surplus revenues collected through the for-profit analytics platform to community-driven conservative projects. Other companies to have made it into the finale of EWC 2021 were: Bambucorn LTD, Henlo, Lumofy, Nutribox Healthy Living, Paw Arabia, and uREnto.

What’s next in Trillion Tree Fund’s exciting journey, is that they’re invited to register for Accelerate 2 to receive structured support and direct guidance through EWC Accelerates, as they prepare to have the opportunity to become a member of the EWC 100, and they will participate in the global finals.

It’s noteworthy to mention that All global finalists are invited to participate in a virtual bootcamp composed of two to three cohorts organized by the Idea Stage, Early Stage and Growth stage. Respective teams get to participate in 90-minute cohort-level seminars each week, and host personal coaching courses designed to explore unique challenges, discover applicable solutions, and refine their presentations and presentations.

In November, the top 100 Global Finalists are selected as ‘EWC 100’ and are invited to the field at the Global Final of Riyadh at the MISK World Forum. EWC 100 is given the opportunity to establish networks with potential investors through live training sessions, and compete for the proportion of millions of dollars in awards. 

First award champion will receive $500,000, while second place will earn $250,000 and third place will get $100,000.

Top 100 Global finalists get an offer of $75 million of in-kind services and support, including service providers, such as AWS, Brex, and Hubspot. They’re also eligible to enroll in the GEN Starters Club, which provides each participant access to a global network of peers, mentors, and other stakeholders in the startup space.