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Unipal, a Bahraini student-centric platform that helps students make the most of their university experience by providing them with offers and discounts while also catering to their other needs, has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the American University of Bahrain (AUBH) to enhance students’ lives.

Unipal aims to take the lead on the creation of students’ accounts and digital student IDs. New and existing students will get the benefit of being automatically onboarded on Unipal’s platform, enabling them to receive immediate access to really cool and useful offers and discounts. 

But that’s not the whole cake. As previously mentioned, Unipal aims to cater to students’ other needs – which includes their social life. Being a platform run by students, for students, Unipal carries an understanding of their psyche; therefore, it will also support AUBH with tailored student events, workshops and activities. 

Creating a unique campus atmosphere that is conducive to learning and fosters creativity in a multicultural setting is at the heart of AUBH’s mission. With this in mind, the University’s 75,000 sqm campus is alive with a host of extra-curricular activities to enhance the student experience and create a fun space that fosters interaction and collaboration between students, faculty and the community. In line with AUBH’s mission, the MoU gives Unipal the cutting edge in supporting AUBH by enhancing the University’s dynamic environment, which supports student life by addressing their non-academic needs.

Unipal’s Managing Director, Ali Al-Alawi, has shared upon this partnership: “It’s great to see AUBH sharing Unipal’s vision in the quest to support the student lifestyle beyond academia. The partnership is a clear testimony that AUBH understands the importance of their non-academic needs and is taking the step ahead to make sure that their students get the full university experience.” 

He further elaborated: “With only just recently opening their campus in Bahrain, AUBH is already setting an example to the other private universities by taking the lead in becoming an educational ecosystem that addresses the student needs that are usually overlooked. The Unipal team is excited to get things going and looking forward to positively contributing to student life.”

On the other hand, AUBH’s COO, William Hurt, said: “We are pleased to partner with Unipal on enhancing AUBH Students’ broad university experience. The partnership is a natural fit as we aim to present AUBH Students with a full-fledged American-style experience, supporting them in achieving their personal and professional goals, and providing them with additional advantages as an AUBH Student. We are also happy to support Bahraini startups such as Unipal in their venture to grow as a leading student platform for the services they offer”. 

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