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Bahraini HealthTech startup has announced yet another significant move to add to its support to the government’s COVID-19 aid for the health sector. Following an impressive initial performance by the company’s Telehealth platform for the Ministry of Health, Basma has now confirmed an extension of this service to 2021. 

For those unfamiliar with Basma’s Telehealth solutions, the company specializes in a cloud enterprise-level virtual teleconsultation platform that comes loaded with high-quality videos that works just fine even on low-bandwidth internet connections. 

This provides an excellent opportunity for hospitals and healthcare providers to go along with their routine consultation schedules even as the COVID-19 renders in-person visits to a healthcare professional risky and unwarranted for thousands of patients across the Kingdom. 

“If you work for any governmental arm or ministry, you can now have your virtual call center or video customer center unit up and running within 5 minutes and you can obtain signatures, exchange documents, carry out transactions and many more with Basma,” the company explained in a recent blog post


Basma has further plans to make these services available from governments across the GCC.