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Bahrain’s telecom services provider Batelco has launched a brand new suite of technology productivity suite. Called “Business in a Box”, this suite is primarily targeted at enhancing the efficiency of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The bundle brings along with it internet connectivity, Microsoft 365, as well as other essential Office applications and OneDrive access. Overall, the suite includes multiple tools and applications that collectively make it a comprehensive inventory for running business operations remotely.

Batelco is also offering devices and gadgets such as laptops, printers, smartphones, and tablets with top-of-the-line network security and cloud POS to help SMEs better manage their inventory, sales, and payments, among other operational aspects.

“Starting and running a small business can be overwhelming as there are many elements to consider, such as drafting a business plan, securing funding, finding the right technology and devices needed to run the business efficiently,” said Batelco enterprise general manager Abderrahmane Mounir.

Mounir also added that all the digital tools in Business in a Box are customizable to even the most specific of requirements a business might have. It’s basically an all-in-one package with a single bill, he noted.