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Press Release.

Beban, an entrepreneurship-themed reality television show produced by Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund, commenced its Bahrain-based intensive training bootcamp for its upcoming third season yesterday, Sunday, May 28th, 2023.

The bootcamp, which is taking place in The Benefit Company‘s headquarters in Seef Area, welcomed on its first day 25 entrepreneurs from the Kingdom of Bahrain who will be undergoing the two-week training period to determine their advancement to the next phase of the bootcamp. Once advanced to phase two, these entrepreneurs will simultaneously qualify to pitch for equity investment and strategic business development opportunities on season 3 of the television show.

Commenting on the commencement of the bootcamp, Fajer Saleh Al Pachachi, General Manager at Hope Ventures: “The start of the Beban bootcamp is always an exciting period, as it also marks the official start of the new season. New entrepreneurs, new businesses, new stories, yet the objective remains the same: facilitating co-investment opportunities alongside the private sector in promising businesses and strategically accelerating their growth into regional and international markets.”

She added: “Through the bootcamp, we will equip Beban entrepreneurs with the tools, knowledge, resources, and network of mentors who will work closely with them to develop their businesses and prepare them to pitch on season 3. We look forward to witnessing and enabling their progression throughout this journey.”

Phase two of the bootcamp will cover diverse topics to ensure that businesses are investment-ready in various areas, such as preparing their memorandums of investment, planning their expansion strategies, financial planning, and practice pitching in front of a panel of regional investors on television.

To stay updated with Beban, follow the show’s accounts on social media @bebanme.