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Press Release.

Beban, entrepreneurship-themed reality television show produced by Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund, welcomes award-winning global entrepreneur Mr. Jeff Hoffman in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain as part of its intensive training bootcamp for Bahrain-based entrepreneurs for Beban season 3. 

The bootcamp is an essential segment of the Beban entrepreneurs’ journey, whereby they receive training and mentorship to equip them with the tools and resources necessary to enhance their business models, access expert advice, and ensure their readiness to pitch to a panel of investors.

Being a renowned entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful startups and acted as the CEO of various public and private companies, as well as being part of a large number of distinguished startups that include,,, and many more, Jeff Hoffman’s rich experience will greatly benefit Beban entrepreneurs in preparation for their participation in the television show.

Commenting on his participation in the Beban bootcamp, Jeff Hoffman shared: “I am pleased to return to Bahrain to work with the Beban entrepreneurs as they prepare for their entrepreneurial journeys and their participation in season 3 of Beban TV show.  This is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and we will work together to accelerate the growth of each of these startups.”

On her part, Fajer Al Pachachi, General Manager of Hope Ventures, said: “We are delighted to be hosting Mr. Jeff Hoffman and having him as part of the Beban season 3 network of mentors. Through his unmatched on-the-ground know-how and expertise, the Beban entrepreneurs’ businesses’ growth will be further accelerated as they receive valuable knowledge firsthand from Mr. Hoffman.”

While Linda McMullen, Spokesperson of the U.S. Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, commented: “The U.S. Embassy is proud to partner with Bahrain on a wide range of entrepreneurship and employability programs with our distinguished partners – the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Youth Affairs, and Hope Ventures.  We are delighted to bring world-class entrepreneurship expert Mr. Jeff Hoffman to Bahrain via our U.S. Speaker Program, and we are confident that this new form of U.S.-Bahrain collaboration will make this season of Beban the best yet.”

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