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Bahrain-based FinTech platform BENEFIT is rolling out a few new features for its users in the region. 

The company, having established itself as a trusted brand in the realm of electronic payments, will now enable users to take advantage of “Split Payment.” Simply put, this new feature will allow the payment for a transaction to be split among multiple payees equally or in variables based on the obligation of each person. 

That is, however, only one among many newly added features. The second major addition is a feature called “Payment Request.” As the name itself suggests, this feature allows a user to send a payment request along with a remark explaining the reason behind the request. The recipient of the request may choose to accept or reject it.

Another handy new feature is the ability to share transaction details easily with other users within a safe environment. Among other perks, this feature will allow users to share a confirmation report of their transactions with the intended recipient, or for that matter, any other concerned party. 

Apart from these, BENEFIT is also enhancing its customer support service by adding a “Contact Us” button within the app. Users can address their queries or grievances using this option at any time of the day. 

Speaking of customer care experience, BENEFIT has also added a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to educate users.

Existing BENEFIT users need to update their apps to be able to access these new features.

Commenting on the occasion, Yousif Al Nefaie, BENEFIT’s Deputy CEO, stated: “We always take pride in translating the innovative ideas of our work team and customers into a reality, as we constantly add new services and features to the app. As we are in BENEFIT emphasizes the importance of the consumer’s journey using the BenefitPay application. Key enhancements, and upgrades of the User experience to navigate through a user-friendly interface, access various services easily, and share information seamlessly.”