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Small, virtual, and home-based businesses in Bahrain now have a new entity to turn to for competently handling their financial transactions. BenefitPay, an aptly-named digital wallet service, has promised an array of services that will empower small businesses to compete in the contemporary FinTech-focused business environment.

The app supports all types of small and medium enterprises so long as they are registered with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism. Additionally, it also helps small, home-based, and virtual businesses recognized by the Ministry of Social Development.

It’s easy to sign up on BenefitPay as the app doesn’t require any registration fee and offers many banks to choose from on its website. All that a new user would need is an email with the business login credentials, as well as an activation tool. The bank the user wants to link their BenefitPay wallet to will provide both the credentials and the activation tool, giving them access to its “virtual branch”. Merchants that join the BenefitPay network are entitled to some value-added services including free tablets and adequate training to make the most of its offerings.

Acknowledging that more and more small businesses are coming on board with BenefitPay, Benefit CEO Abdulwahid Janahi said: “We are pleased that more small and home-based businesses, such as Instagram businesses in Bahrain are also taking advantage of the easy BenefitPay application which adds digital-age sophistication without the need for added investment.”

He added: “We are happy to witness a significant surge in the number of merchants signing up. We aim to support all merchants in the kingdom and are confident that we can achieve this objective. We look forward to (continually) strengthening our merchant portfolio and thereby contributing to Bahrain’s growing economy.”