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BeyondCapital’s Startup Support Program is just about to get rolling with nine entrepreneurs representing six companies making it to the final list of participants. All of these budding entrepreneurs will now receive high-quality, tailored mentorship from a select group of renowned Jordanian experts.

On top of that, all the shortlisted startups will also have greater access to capital and markets in addition to consultancy and professional training services at subsidized costs.

The six shortlisted startups include:

Acknowledging how vital the company’s participation in the Startup Support Program is for future growth potential, Mind Rocket co-founder Mohammed Kilany said: “It is always refreshing to have a discussion with experts of different backgrounds; the diversity of this panel made the discussion a memorable experience. We are looking forward for BeyondCapital’s support in opening new doors and opportunities for us.”

Note that this is the second edition of the Startup Support Program. The previous edition was held last year and 11 entrepreneurs from nine startups participated in the program.

For the uninitiated, BeyondCapital is the product of a collaboration between Endeavor Jordan and Silicon Badia, with financial aid from the USAID. The ultimate objective of the program is to empower the Jordanian entrepreneur and investor communities so they can collectively add further momentum to the country’s expanding startup ecosystem.

BeyondCapital Managing Director Tamer Al-Salah said “The past few months have validated the value of our mission in supporting startups. With BeyondCapital’s connections and variety of tailored services, we have been witnessing the development of the entrepreneurs and their businesses,”.