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Press Release.

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF), a leading training and development provider in the region, has announced a strategic partnership with Hope Talents, the talent management arm of Hope Fund. This collaboration aims to launch a range of innovative programs and events that highlight Bahraini talents in various fields of creativity.

The partnership will provide a platform for young Bahraini talents to integrate into various training events and activities, qualifying them to become an essential part of the comprehensive development process in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The agreement was signed by the Director of the BIBF, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shaikh, and General Manager of Hope Talents, Ms. Latifa Mohamed.

On this occasion, Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh stated, “This strategic partnership with Hope Talents is a significant step towards achieving our shared goals of promoting excellence and nurturing young Bahraini talents. We are committed to providing a platform for Bahraini talents to grow and flourish, and we believe that this collaboration will play a crucial role in supporting their journey towards development and achievement.”

Ms. Latifa Mohamed, General Manager of Hope Talents, emphasized the importance of the partnership with the BIBF in promoting and developing joint initiatives. The partnership seeks to highlight and enhance Bahraini talents in various fields of creativity, supporting local human capital.

Hope Talents is the talent management arm of the Hope Fund, which identifies, upskills and recognizes high-potential -national talents in their journey towards professional development and achievement. This collaboration is set to promote innovation and excellence in Bahrain and contribute to achieving common goals.

The BIBF and Hope Talents partnership is a step forward towards supporting young Bahraini talents and enhancing Bahrain’s position as a hub for creativity and innovation. With a shared commitment to promoting excellence, this partnership promises to be a great success.