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In a move set to empower Bahrain’s digital landscape, the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) has announced a strategic partnership with UpGradelle, a prominent French consultancy firm specializing in digital transformation architectures. The collaboration aims to cultivate capabilities in Digital Transformation and Agile Project Management, aligning with Bahrain’s vision for a digitally empowered workforce.

The agreement, formalized during the visit of His Excellency, the Ambassador of France, Mr. Eric Giraud-Telme, underscores the commitment to enhancing educational and training ties between Bahrain and France.

Dr. Nesrine Beldi Miro Padovani, Co-founder, and CEO of UpGradelle, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting its transformative potential in empowering Bahrain’s human capital. She emphasized the importance of equipping individuals with essential skills to drive agile transformations within organizations.

Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh, CEO of the BIBF, emphasized the strategic significance of the partnership in advancing capabilities in Digital Transformation and Agile Project Management. With industries worldwide embracing agile methodologies, the collaboration aims to position the BIBF as a leader in delivering cutting-edge training solutions.

Ms. Maryam Majed, Head of Digital Transformation and Project Management Centre at the BIBF, emphasized the partnership’s role in equipping professionals with skills to drive digital innovation. Together with UpGradelle, the initiative seeks to empower Bahrain’s workforce and ensure readiness for the digital future.

As Bahrain progresses towards becoming a digital hub, the collaboration between the BIBF and UpGradelle signifies a significant step in cultivating digital leadership within the nation. The partnership not only prepares Bahrain’s human capital for the future but also positions them as active contributors to the ongoing digital revolution, shaping a brighter and more digitally resilient future for the kingdom.