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For the third consecutive year, the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) will bring the limelight to the talented mobile game developers community in the Middle East and North Africa. So if you are an active member of the community, you might not want to let this exciting opportunity to be noticed on a globally recognized platform and make your way through the next level of growth pass you by.

The competition this year is being held in collaboration with Zain, one of the largest mobile network operators in the region, and leading mobile game development company Maysalward.

The ceremony itself, along with the judging session will be conducted during the Jordan Gaming Summit, scheduled for November 2018. Among other perks, winners will also earn a spot at the 15th edition of IMGA in 2019.

“Since we have launched the IMGA in the MENA Region, we embarked on a journey of discovery which has already been very fruitful. […] The creativity and freedom of developers in the Region is refreshing and inspiring,” said IMGA CEO Maarten Noyons.

Saying what an honor it is to support IMGA MENA awards competition, Zain Jordan Chief Operating Officer, Yousef Abu Mutawe, said: “[…]We are proud of our strategic partnership with IMGA which sheds light on the efforts of the region’s designers and developers. IMGA MENA has reserved a unique place for itself on the global mobile gaming map, as we are aiming to support also youth and help them promote their innovative ideas on local and global scales.

So if you are a MENA-based mobile game developer who could use some fame and exposure in addition to lucrative prizes, send your entry to IMGA by July 30, 2018. Note that in order to participate, you must have a title released after May 2017. Alternatively, you could also submit the working demo of an unreleased game.