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Press Release.

Brinc MENA welcomes four new impact startups to the Brinc Family of Game Changers in partnership with Tamkeen. The startups will kickstart their 3-months accelerator program to de-risk their ventures, accelerate their growth and access the local and regional markets. 

Brinc’s acceleration program provides tailored support to each participating startup in product refinement, manufacturing, market access and fundraising. Throughout the program, startups get access to a deep bench of local, regional and global, internal and external experts with the aim to ensure the market desirability, financial viability and technical feasibility of their ventures. The startups also access seed investment upon the completion of the program. The Game Changers’ innovative solutions are aligned with Brinc’s four investment core pillars to impact How We Feel, Where We Live, What We Eat, and How We Move.

Meet Brinc MENA Spring 2021 Game Changers:

  • Founded by Ahmed Adel, Mogassam is a Medtech startup that provides proprietory 3D digital printing solutions to the dentistry industry. Mogassam solutions utilize stereolithography 3D printers with 3D CAM software to assist dentists in fabricating dental prosthetics for patients within one visit. 
  • Founded by Balaji Renukumar, Sensfix is an Industry 4.0 startup (MROaaS) that supports the life cycles of maintenance, repairs, and operations of industrial facilities leveraging AI, IoT, and AR/VR. The solution helps Operations & Maintenance Managers digitize their workflows and enables devices to self-schedule and self-ticket maintenance requests. 
  • Founded by Taha Cabani, Kamilia Naili, Nader Somarani, and Abdirahman Jlassi, Unfrauded is an Insurance Tech startup that offers AI-based tools to car insurance companies for fraud detection. The tools provide real-time claims processing, which assist insurance companies in investigation and aids in data-driven decision-making to efficiently detect car insurance fraud. 
  • Founded by Adeel, 1ID is a Travel Tech startup specialized in touchless immigration and security clearance solutions. 1ID provides Blockchain-based Digital Passports for Travelers and Robot Immigration Buddies for Airports to make passport control 20x faster through a OneLink system for facilitating data sharing among airports. 

By joining Brinc’s portfolio, the startups gain access to Brinc’s vast network of regional and global strategic partners, perk partners, corporate partners, VCs and investors providing 360o startup support to successfully scale up in the regional market.