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Four promising startups were selected for the Brinc MENA Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Hardware accelerator program. Selected from a pool of over two hundred startups globally, the IoT teams are building innovative solutions in agriculture, health, wellness, and safety. After undergoing a rigorous four-week intensive online sprint in March, known as Ramp Up, the four teams were selected to be part of the Brinc MENA portfolio and family. The teams are due to commence the full acceleration program online, and onsight from the IoT hub in Manama, Bahrain from April to June. The four startups are Honey Flow Africa, Hayatech, Rabt, and PlantOS.

Honey Flow Africa optimizes beekeeping operations by introducing data-driven solutions that improve the predictability in honey production and honey processing. Founded in Nigeria, Honeyflow allows beekeepers to use sensors to monitor their hives remotely through a smartphone app. Through artificial intelligence, the device monitors temperature and humidity to ensure that optimal conditions are contained.

Hayatech is a connected hardware platform that fosters employee well-being by integrating preventative healthcare solutions. Founded in Bahrain, the wellness technology provides corporates with innovative ways to impact employee productivity whilst providing individuals with a platform to advance their own health.

Rabt is a technology company that addresses regional needs by designing and developing connected hardware and software applications for specialized use cases in tracking, communication, health, automation and safety. Founded in Pakistan, Rabt’s first product is Hajj Gear and Hajj Belt, a mobile and web-based application which aims to secure Muslim pilgrims’ annual journey into Mecca.

PlantOS is a promising startup making strides in the field of agritech, specifically in the development of vertically integrated precision agriculture technology for indoor and outdoor environments with sensor computers. Founded in Malaysia, PlantOS combines data and visual analytics alongside machine learning to assist indoor farmers by optimizing yield and lowering cost in the production planning process.

The teams are scheduled to engage in an immersive and holistic program that derisks their startups by bolstering market understanding, branding efforts, financial viability and technical feasibility. The founders have access to Brinc’s extensive network of global, regional and local mentors with expertise in all disciplines required for a startup to thrives from legal to Human Resource Management and from prototyping to digital marketing.

Brinc MENA is the region’s premier Internet of Things (IoT) accelerator, bringing the knowledge of manufacturing and connected hardware products in China, access to funding through a wide network of investors, and business expertise from seasoned entrepreneurs.

Brinc MENA fosters an ecosystem of IoT innovators from Bahrain and across the MENA region through a world-class accelerator program delivers connected hardware products for the global market. Headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in Poland, India, and China, Brinc supports founders looking for speed, support, and expertise in building connected hardware products for global markets.

Brinc works together with local partners such as Tamkeen, Startup Bahrain and the Economic Development Board to build the foundations of a fast-growing startup ecosystem in Bahrain and the region at large.