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, the startup that prides itself as a one-of-a-kind managed cloud kitchen, has roped in Mike Borsdorf to further strengthen its operations and growth trajectory. For those out of the loop, Mike is a renowned Master Chef and has previously served Emirates Flight Catering as an Executive Chef. 

While announcing the decision to join Kitopi, Mike enthusiastically added that he was “fascinated by the concept and opportunities it presented for the future, as well as the chance to work with a young and dynamic team.”

Born in Germany, Mike has extensive experience working in multiple European cities, Sydney, and Dubai, among others. 

Meanwhile, Kitopi has added another key personnel to its team to expedite the execution of the company’s ambitions within the Arab world. 

Hashim Larry, who has previously played important executive roles in heavyweights such as Careem KSA, has confirmed that he is joining Kitopi. Hashim is deeply rooted in the Arab world and is passionate about Arabic Calligraphy.

Commenting on his decision to join Kitopi, Hashim noted: “I know that this is the next big thing that will shake up the food economy in a grand way. Kitopi’s model will give restaurant owners access to larger areas at minimum investment. It will introduce customers to larger varieties of food from across the globe, without sacrificing the quality and speed of the delivery.”