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American cloud computing services provider Fastly has seized another $40 million in a recently conducted Series-F funding. Interestingly, this new funding round, led by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, has come just ahead of Fastly’s transformation into a publicly traded company. Other key participants in the funding round included the likes of Swisscom Ventures, Sozo Ventures, as well as other existing investors.

The company currently operates an extensive content delivery network to accelerate web requests. To put things into perspective, let’s assume a scenario where you type in your web browser.

In the early days of the internet, your browser would send a request to one of the StartUp Bahrain servers in a data center. The server, upon receiving your request, would fetch the company’s webpages to your computer.

However, with the evolution of the web, such archaic architecture is no longer viable. That is why Fastly (and other similar services) speed up the entire process by allowing StartUp Bahrain (and any other website of course) to cache its homepage, articles, and media on its own servers spread across the world.

Fastly currently hosts data centers all across the world, allowing most users to load their websites in less than 20-30 milliseconds. The improved efficiency and reduced latency are particularly beneficial for e-commerce platforms as a faster response time greatly enhance the efficiency.

With over 400 employees around the world (42% of them women), Fastly last year earned more than $100 million in revenue. The company plans on using the newly raised fund for further improving its global network of data centers and other infrastructure.