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ConsenSys, a blockchain firm founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, has announced that it is launching a mega-event in Lebanon in October this year. The event will kick off with a 3-day blockchain developers training program, which will then be followed by a 2-day hackathon on October 17, 2018.

The training program will focus on helping participants develop an in-depth insight into the features and real-world applications of blockchain technology. Throughout the three-day training program, they will learn about creating the ideal development environment, building decentralized applications (dApps), integrating dApps with web applications, and developing Ethereum smart contracts.

“Lebanon has always adopted an entrepreneurial approach in dealing with challenges, and the startup ecosystem has been growing in the recent years,” said Marc Ziade, Business Operations & Strategy Director at ConsenSys and Lebanon Bootcamp Lead, while elaborating on the decision to pick Lebanon as the preferred destination for the event.

The company also stated that blockchain for social impact is high on its agenda, and as a tribute to that cause, ConsenSys will allocate 25% of the space available at the event to refugees who are adept at programming for free.

“The ConsenSys Blockchain Developer Bootcamp is designed to address Lebanon’s many issues such as the energy shortage and the refugee situation. Not only will it create awareness about how to unlock the potential of new technology like blockchain while staying away from the crypto-currency craze, but will also harness the talent we know exists in Lebanon and equip them with the skills needed to tackle these challenges,” Ziade added.