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Cloud and mobile solutions specialist, CorporateStack, is rolling out a special package for startups enrolled in the in5 incubation program. As per a deal between the two companies, in5 will be nominating five startups from its cohorts for a full year of support from CorporateStack.

Among other perks, each of the in5-nominated startups will receive a 25% discount on CorporateStack  products throughout its lifetime. 

Meanwhile, other startups currently enrolled in the in5 program can also apply for special discounts. If approved, these startups will receive a 50% discount for the first year, followed by the same 25% lifetime discount from the second year onwards. 

CorporateStack has stated that as an in5-incubated company itself, and having been at the receiving end of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing slow down just like most other businesses, the team decided to do something impactful for their peers across industries. 

“Being a digital transformation business solution provider, we have designed a tangible way of saying thank you to the great support we have received from in5. The startup that avails these services will achieve a huge benefit from the program, where they will be digitally transformed to a platform covering all their day to day business activities,” Osama Mortada, founder and CEO of CorporateStack, said while announcing the new package.

For the uninitaited, CorporateStack was launched in Dubai in 2016. The company has since established itself as a trusted source for cloud (SaaS) , on-premise, and mobile solutions.

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