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Cybersecurity is probably one of the most widely discussed but poorly understood (and often overlooked) necessity in the digital age. The consequences of living under the constant shadow of cyber attacks can be particularly stressful for businesses. Yet, there’s so little they can do to ward off the threat on their own. This is why Mirza Asrar Baig, founder and Chief Executive of CTM360, has come up urging private and public sectors to join forces and stand united against cyber threats.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, CTM360 is a leading cybersecurity firm based in Bahrain.

The CTM360 CEO made the suggestion while delivering his speech at MEET ICT Conference 2018. According to him, effective cybersecurity is essential for ensuring progress — especially at a time when Bahrain is aiming for a large-scale digital transformation.

The CTM360 also organized an extensive workshop under the theme “Demystifying Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).” The workshop, conducted on the third day of the MEET ICT 2018, was participated by 30 delegate attendee and it saw the participants discuss various issues pertaining to the global CTI framework and effective CTI consumption by corporate organizations.

Mr. Mirza stated that large governmental and private organizations overseeing key sectors such as electricity, water supply, and transport, were defenseless to cyber breaches as well. He, however, added that a well-coordinated effort based on best local and global practices could help prevent such attacks.

CTM360 was the official cyber security partner for this year’s BITEX and MEET ICT conferences.