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Bahrain based award-winning cybersecurity startup CTM360 has joined forces with BITEX and MEETICT 2018 as the event’s Cyber Security Partner for the second consecutive year.

The MEETICT conference and BITEX, a technology exhibition held alongside MEETICT, offer technology companies in Bahrain a platform to demonstrate their up and coming products and services. Held under the patronage of Kamal Ahmed, Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, this years MEETICT and BITEX will take place on Feb 13th-15th at the Gulf Convention Center.

During the event, CTM360 will introduce new service modules, in addition to carrying out a range of other activities such as spreading cybersecurity awareness across the country.

It will also host a workshop during BITEX 2018 to discuss threat intelligence and associated challenges. Among other perks, the workshop will provide key insight into some of the most common cybersecurity issues faced by enterprises, and how to circumvent them successfully.

“It is great to see people from technology, IT and security backgrounds in Bahrain working together towards technological synergies. We look forward to attending this prestigious event once again, and hope to see more Bahraini technology companies flourish in the future,” said Arsalan Iqbal, Director of Growth and Strategy at CTM360.