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Dailymealz is venturing out to a new but related territory in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown. The Saudi startup, having established as a go-to destination for office lunch delivery, is now offering grocery delivery services. 

Dailymealz already has a rather extensive network of delivery partners in Riyadh, Jeddah, and the Eastern Province in Saudi. The company has now forged an alliance with the local retail giant, Panda, to roll out the new service.

Worth noting here is that the startup is already going out of its way to home-delivery food for about two weeks now. Dailymealz kicked off this initiative after most employees in the private, as well as public sectors had been forced to work from home. 

Dailymealz’s grocery delivery service includes two pre-made baskets with different products. The baskets, according to the company, have enough content in them to help the average Saudi household sustain itself for around two weeks. 

One of these baskets has more than 20 products including rice and flour, while the other basket contains fruits and vegetables. Their prices are SAR 299 ($80) and SAR 119 ($32) respectively. No extra delivery fee required.

“We’re trying to help people stay home by partnering with Panda to use our tech and logistics to deliver groceries to a broader customer base,” said Mohamed Al Zalabany, the co-founder and CEO of Dailymealz, in a conversation with the media.

Dailymealz is now planning on launching another new service to deliver ready-to-cook meals.