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Daleel, MENA’s first financial marketplace, and BFC Payments, a trailblazer in innovative payment solutions, proudly announce a collaborative effort to  redefine the landscape of affordable and accessible travel finance. 

In a bid to simplify travel experiences and make them more cost-effective, users can now seamlessly apply for the Travel Buddy Card directly from Daleel’s mobile application, representing a significant stride in Daleel’s mission to democratize finance. Applicants choosing to obtain the Travel Buddy Card through Daleel will enjoy an exclusive perk—no annual fees for the first year. 

“Our collaboration with BFC Payments is more than a partnership; it’s a shared  vision to making finance easy and accessible for everyone,” says Dania Alshowaikh, CCO & Co-Founder of Daleel. “This collaboration not only simplifies the travel experience but also aligns with our dedication to providing  innovative and user-friendly financial solutions.” 

The Travel Buddy Card boasts an array of features, including support for over 15 currencies, competitive foreign exchange rates in Bahrain, and huge savings  on any international payments; online or offline as compared to other payment  modes which charge a high markup on payments in USD, EUR, etc. 

“The Travel Buddy Card is designed to redefine the way people travel and  experience the world,” says Davis Parakal, General Manager of BFC Payments. “Our collaboration with Daleel enables users to seamlessly apply for this multi-currency card, Travel Buddy Card through Daleel and unlock a range of exclusive benefits. We are excited about the possibilities this partnership unlocks for travellers seeking affordability, convenience, and unparalleled perks.” 

For a seamless travel experience, exclusive financial benefits, and no annual  fees for the first year, download Daleel today, and apply for your Travel Buddy Card. To learn more about the application process, visit their website here.