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Daleel, the pioneering financial marketplace in Bahrain, has secured strategic investments from industry giants Hambro Perks’ Spring Studios, Flat6Labs UAE, and the Al Waha Fund of Funds.

Daleel’s platform stands at the forefront of empowering everyday individuals to access the best financial products while providing banks and financial institutions with invaluable insights to enhance customer acquisition strategies. Led by CEO PK Shrivastava, COO Ridaa Shah, and CCO Dania Alshowaikh, Daleel aims to bridge the gap between consumers and financial institutions, offering personalized financial solutions tailored to the needs of the region.

Building upon the success of Tarabut, MENA’s largest open banking platform, Daleel’s founders bring a wealth of experience to their latest venture. The infusion of funds from Hambro Perks Spring Studios and Flat6Labs UAE will fuel Daleel’s expansion initiatives in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, accelerating growth and positioning the company to obtain an Open Banking license.

Expressing his excitement about the investment, PK Shrivastava stated, “[Securing investment] will enable us to forge significant financial partnerships and obtain the Open Banking license, crucial to our growth strategy. I am incredibly excited about these developments and look forward to the transformative journey ahead for Daleel.”

Zainab Khamis, Head of HP Spring Studios, shared her enthusiasm for Daleel’s impact, stating, “Our commitment to Daleel’s success symbolizes our dedication to fostering positive change and development in the region’s fintech landscape in Bahrain.”

With strategic investments and a clear vision for growth, Daleel is poised to lead the charge in reshaping the future of financial services across the MENA region, empowering consumers and driving economic transformation.