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Deloitte has launched a new social innovation program in the Middle East that aims to bank on the company’s vast resources to empower small and medium social enterprises in the region.

Dubbed the Deloitte Accelerator for Social Innovation (DASI) in the Middle East program, the new initiative consists of a multifaceted arrangement that includes a regional competition among other ventures. The competition will see social enterprises across 14 countries pitching their ideas and achievements in their respective domains.

Social enterprises are NGOs or companies with an agenda to serve a social or environmental cause while simultaneously having a steady and sustainable revenue stream along with an excellent business strategy.

The top-two enterprises with the largest footprint on the ground will be awarded customized Deloitte support packs of mentorship, advisory services, networking opportunities, and skill development packages worth over $100,000.

To qualify for the regional competition,

The applicants must be a Middle East based social enterprises aiming to solve a social or environmental issue facing the people in the Middle East.

  • At least one of the founders of the enterprise must be an Arab national
  • The enterprise must have at least two years of operating account with year-on-year growth
  • The solutions provided by the enterprise must be visible on the ground
  • The products/services in offering must be innovative.

The competition will be held in two phases. In phase-1, applications of all the eligible participants will be reviewed by a panel of experts. In phase-2, the shortlisted finalists will have to appear in a live or virtual interview with Deloitte professionals.

For further details on the application process, eligibility criteria, and other specifics visit the official Deloitte DASI for the Middle East website.