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Ghazael Aldossary, the Saudi founder of the petrochemical startup Oriental Promises Trading, has won the Merit Prize at Shell LiveWIRE’s ‘Top Ten Innovators’ global competition.

Oriental Promises Trading specializes in the recycling of polycarbonate materials. Its innovative technology converts polycarbonate waste back to its raw form and reduces the volume of industrial waste going back to nature.

Ghazael was the only one female Saudi entrepreneur active in the recycled industrial waste field. Furthermore, she was the sole winner from the MENA region in the competition.

The ‘Top Ten Innovators’ is an international competition open to all the alumni of Shell Intilaaqah, the MENA version of Shell LiveWIRE. The famous Royal Dutch Shell Social Investment Program is spread across 15 nations where Shell operates, to encourage entrepreneurship among their youth.

The Shell’s Intilaaqah program in Saudi Arabia has been active in supporting local young entrepreneurs for years. It assists them to start their business and make it a sustainable source of main income. The program offers tailor-made business skills training and practical workshops. It also provides startup grants and awards. Furthermore, it also helps young people expand their business network and connects them with potential investors. In addition to that, Shell’s initiative also facilitates their access to new markets, business incubators, and accelerators.

Andrew Crowe, Country Chairman at Shell Saudi Arabia, commented the Dutch company would continue supporting the talented local youth. In line with the Saudi’s Vision 2030, Shell would equip the young talents with the necessary skills and competencies to set up their businesses, open jobs, and generate sources of income to contribute to the national economy.