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Press Release.

e& capital today announced a lead investment in the $5 million Series A financing round of Maxbyte, an innovator in the field of integrated digital and robotics solutions, to strengthen the company’s market expansion and product development, empowering it to pioneer innovative solutions that enable manufacturers in the digital age. 

Headquartered in the UAE, Maxbyte is a leading provider of Industry 4.0 solutions with a strong presence in the automotive, defence, utilities, and food and beverage sectors. It aims to enable smart connected industrial enterprise for flexibility, productivity, predictable revenue and profit growth, as well as sustainability. 

 The funding aims to expedite growth by bolstering the sales team, refining the go-to-market strategy and partnerships, and scaling projects across new geographies and industries. 

Eddy Farhat, Executive Director at e& capital, said: “Our investment in Maxbyte is a significant milestone. Maxbyte’s innovative approach to automation technology positions it as an ideal partner for the Industry 4.0 revolution especially with its track record of success stories across the UAE, USA, SEA, and India. This investment will further its mission to digitally transform and automate companies.

“Maxbyte’s plug-and-play solutions not only support underserved smaller manufacturers but also have the capability to compete with rivals serving larger manufacturing companies through seamless integration. We believe that these solutions will contribute to reshaping the manufacturing landscape in the UAE and beyond.”

Maxbyte provides a wide array of services across three main domains, including Industry 4.0 and AI applications for digitising industrial value chains to Smart and Sustainable Factories, robotics and automation solutions for enabling autonomous factories, and Industry 4.0 education programmes to empower manufacturers and the community for the advancement and adoption of digital transformation and Industry 4.0 journey. 

Ramshankar CS, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Maxbyte, said: “We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with e& capital. This exciting milestone is a testament to our shared vision and commitment to reshaping industries, driving transformative growth, and propelling our journey towards a future defined by boundless possibilities. This pivotal partnership accelerates our journey to spearhead technological evolution, fortify smart manufacturing, and empower UAE and global industries. 

“We remain committed to delivering cutting-edge product byteFACTORY an industry 4.0 apps store integrated with robotics and automation that empower global industrial enterprise customers to thrive in this era of transformation. This new partnership with e& capital opens doors to even greater possibilities, enabling us closer to our vision of a smarter, more connected industrial world.”

Recently, e& enterprise and Maxbyte entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), designating e& enterprise as the exclusive distributor and system integrator of Maxbyte products in the UAE. The collaborative effort accelerates the digitisation of UAE’s manufacturing industry and resonates with the vision outlined by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MOIAT) through its Operation 300bn programme.

e& capital’s strategic investment in Maxbyte harmonises with the UAE’s national strategy to expedite digital adoption across industries, particularly emphasising the Industry 4.0 paradigm. 

As e& capital and Maxbyte combine their strengths, they jointly contribute to the national agenda, shaping the manufacturing landscape’s future through the prism of Industry 4.0. This investment serves as a pivotal step towards realizing the shared vision of a digitally empowered future.