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E-Mal, a comprehensive financial ecosystem powered by eFatoora has joined forces with Estonia-based cybersecurity firm Hacken to heighten the security of its digital wallet service.

Per the agreement, E-Mal has acquired Hacken’s security services, which it now plans on deploying across its portfolio to attain a growth-driven and sustainable economy. E-Mal specializes in bringing together retailers and end users, as well as banking and financial institutions. The company connects the different stakeholders in the financial ecosystem in a highly efficient and secure manner and the e-Mal digital wallet is a perfect example of the feat.

The wallet allows users to seamlessly access a wide range of services on the e-Mal hubs. “We are delighted to have Hacken on board with e-Mal as our cybersecurity partners. We believe their testing and security services will further enhance the e-Mal blockchain platform and we will continue to ensure that our users are always transacting in the most secure manner,” said Yasmine Khan, founder and chief executive of e-Mal.

As for Hacken, it is a cybersecurity consultancy that provides highly customized solutions based on a client’s specific requirements. Some of its flagship offerings include bug bounty, penetration testing, smart contract audit, and anti-phishing protection for enterprises.

Speaking of the new agreement with e-Mal, Dmytro Budorin, founder, and CEO of Hacken, said: “We are excited to have become a cybersecurity services partner of a progressive company such as e-Mal. We are glad to see that the company that’s addressing financial and ecological issues ( and ) cares about the security of its clients and investors. Hacken aims to make e-Mal’s operations simple and comfortable by building a transparent and secure Internet environment suited for their aspirations.”