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Forbes Middle East‘s annual list of the Top 30 Fintech Companies 2023 has been released, and Bahrain’s very own Eazy Financial Services (EazyPay) and Tarabut Gateway have made the cut! EazyPay has been recognized for its innovative payment solutions, while Tarabut Gateway has been recognized for its role in revolutionizing the financial industry with its open banking platform.

Bahrain’s thriving Fintech ecosystem is gaining recognition on a global scale, with EazyPay and Tarabut Gateway joining several other regional players on the list. The list highlights the impressive growth and success of Fintech companies in the Middle East, which has become a hotbed for innovation and investment in recent years.

As the Fintech industry continues to grow and disrupt traditional banking, Bahrain is poised to play a leading role in the region, and paving the way for more companies like EazyPay and Tarabut Gateway to reshape what innovation and progress looks like.