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With an additional $1.765 million in its kitty, Amman-based ed-tech startup Little Thinking Minds has wrapped up its Series A funding round on a high note. The net accumulated in the round rose to said figure after the Innovative Startups and SME Fund (ISSF) chipped in with investment worth $500K.

Notably, this happens to be the first-ever disclosed investment by the ISSF, a Jordanian fund whose net capital stands at $98 million.

Prior to this, the first tranche of the Series A round was led by Algebra Ventures, with a sizeable contribution coming from Mindshift Capital and Al Turki Group.

Little Thinking Minds began its journey back in 2004 under the combined leadership of the two co-founders Rama Kayyali and Lamia Tabbaa. It primarily focused on creating educational videos and other content aimed at young children.

Recently, the company underwent a sort of metamorphosis to transform itself into a provider of educational technologies and products. In this new avatar, Little Thinking Minds focuses on helping parents and teachers to ensure better learning outcomes for young students across the Middle East and North Africa.

Salwa Kathkhuda, who joined Kayyali and Tabbaa in 2014, played an important role in this transformation by leading the company’s strategy and growth roadmaps.

Buoyed by the success of the latest funding round, Kayyali noted: “We are very excited that ISSF chose Little Thinking Minds as their first investment. This is a big testament to how far we have come and the impact we are creating and hopefully continue to create.”

Further adding: “We hope now with officially closing our Series A round we will continue to work on improving the delivery of our educational solutions aimed at improving learning outcomes and reach many more children in the region and globally.”

Worth noting here is that Little Thinking Minds triumphed in three distinct categories in this year’s Queen Rania Award for Education Entrepreneurship award.