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Bahraini ed-tech platform Daresni is playing a pioneering role in helping students get on with their learning even as the COVID-19 pandemic brings the world around them into a virtual standstill.

The company was among the first in the industry to go fully digital as soon as the pandemic hit Bahrain. However, despite the hiccup, it has so far ensured that all schedules and support are maintained just like in the pre-COVID-19 world.

Students continue to learn and receive their study material. Not only that, but Daresni has also offered bulk tuitions/packages so parents can buy them cheaper than usual.

Additionally, Daresni has allowed all unemployed teachers within its ecosystem greater access to the global market by making them available for booking on its portal.

“Daresni’s community are composed of parents, students, teachers & coaches  (employed and unemployed) all of whom have had to work together to digitize operations due to the COVID-19 crisis that has, unfortunately, hit the world,” said Daresni founder, Hana Al-Taraif.

Hana added, “With a supportive community & safety being paramount, Daresni have stayed in contact with the community to provide all necessary support & guidance to facilitate the digitization of parent & student individual educational journeys.”

Worth noting here is that Daresni was already taking strict preventive measures even before the lockdown came into effect. It specifically made a point to provide N95 face masks to teachers and students even if there was a need to carry on with any one-on-one session.