Skip to main content, a nascent but promising real estate-focused website based in Egypt, has confirmed that it raised a six-figure funding in its recently wrapped-up pre-seed round. The exact size of the investment is currently unknown and neither do we have the identity of the investor in question.

The only thing Isqan has revealed so far is that the investor shares the same vision the startups’s co-founders have for the real estate sector in Egypt. 

In case you haven’t heard about before, it’s a fairly new website that aims to disrupt how real estate properties are bought and sold in the country, and by extension, in the broader region. 

The digital platform aspires to become the go-to resource for people looking to invest in any new property — be it for rental or purchase. 

Specifically, the platform is aiming to disrupt the Egyptian property market by offering a completely free-of-charge service that enables users to post three free listings for rental or selling purpose. 

Additionally, the startup has also joined forces with several market leaders to ensure that Isqan users gain access to only trusted and legitimate listings. Among the real estate companies to have reached an agreement with Isqan are Byotat, Insider, B2B, Ultimate Real Estate, New Avenue, Egypt Best Properties, Irtkaz, Era, Remax, Proper Move, Daddy Estate Investment, and Abrag.
“We set out to disrupt what real estate search should look like in Egypt” Ali Ezzat, Co-Founder said, adding, “We have created a new way to discover your next property purchase through an extremely simple and easy interface. The real estate market has been developing immensely over the past couple of years and there is a huge shift in the market to utilize more digital methods of attracting new customers.”