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Cairo-based Voo has added more meat to its delivery network by launching a pick-up point service aimed at boosting the last-mile delivery capability of e-commerce stores. 

For those of you not familiar with it, Voo pitches itself as a new-generation delivery aggregator. The company has ties with a comprehensive network of delivery partners, which includes established courier companies such as Fetchr and Aramex. 

Voo comes as an affordable alternative for small and medium-sized businesses who are usually unable to secure deals with big courier companies because of their relatively low order volumes. Voo fills in that space by offering its services to even the smallest of e-commerce stores.

Even a new e-commerce store with as low as 50 orders a month can sign up with Voo, which is indeed a big advantage considering that it allows these budding businesses to focus on core operations rather than sweating over shipping logistics. 

As for the newly launched pick-up points, there will be 50 of them spread throughout Egypt. The new service was built in collaboration with the company’s strategic partners and it is expected to add 20 more pick-up points by the end of this year.

Among other perks, the new service enables any customer of a Voo merchant to select a pick-up point of their choice instead of having the package delivered to them. To incentivize the use of the pick-up points, Voo is offering a 25% discount on all customers who opt for this service.