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When Ghada El-Tanawy and Amr Diab, the Egyptian entrepreneur couple launched their fashion e-commerce portal La Reina in 2016, it had only six bridal dresses. Today, that number has gone all the way up to over 1,500. Buoyed by this speedy and formidable growth record, the couple now plans on expanding La Reina internationally.

For the uninitiated, La Reina is an online platform where women can rent their evening and bridal gowns to one another. The carefully calibrated modus operandi of the platform ensures that the balance between supply and demand remains steady and mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

In other words, it is the perfect e-commerce site if you are looking for a fancy, designer outfit for a wedding or a party but don’t want to spend a fortune on a dress that you wouldn’t be wearing probably more than once or twice a year. “Our website builds a bridge between dress owners and those who seek couture for more affordable price tags. We connect dress owners and renters who share the same taste in bridal and evening dresses. On the other hand, it opens a new market for younger fashion designers,” said El-Tanawy.

La Reina has so far proved to be a smashing hit with the platform has served no less than 300 brides and 1,000 clients. The company recently added $1 million to its kitty after the successful completion of its Series A round led by Algebra Ventures.

A healthy reputation with investors, coupled with the fact that the company is yet to have a competitor challenging its dominance in the market, poises La Reina for a high growth rate across the Middle East and beyond in the foreseeable future.