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In a remarkable stride towards transforming MENA’s recruitment sector, TalentsArena, an Egyptian recruitment startup, has successfully secured an impressive $750,000 in pre-seed capital. This investment round has been spearheaded by UI Investments, setting a new momentum for the startup’s journey.

Angel investors from Saudi Arabia and Egypt joined the fundraising round, solidifying TalentsArena’s vision of redefining job hunting in the region. Established in 2019 by Aya Elgebeely, the startup holds the promise of reshaping recruitment dynamics across industries.

Since its inception, TalentsArena has been instrumental in guiding countless candidates to IT career prospects. These talents have journeyed across borders, landing roles from Egypt and Tunisia to South Africa, Uganda, and even distant European destinations like Germany and the Netherlands.

Aya Elgebeely, the CEO and mastermind behind TalentsArena, emphasizes the power of AI and ML in reimagining the hiring journey. This innovative approach doesn’t just simplify the quest for job matches; it also empowers job seekers and hiring managers to forge meaningful connections. Generating revenue through commissions and subscription fees, the startup’s earnings surpassed $65,000 in 2020.

With this substantial financial boost, TalentsArena sets its sights on scaling its AI-driven hiring engine to revolutionize the Saudi market. Currently representing a quarter of their client base, the startup aims to introduce cutting-edge technology across industries in the broader Middle East. In the words of Elgebeely, this ambitious endeavor “will facilitate faster, more accurate talent discovery for hiring managers and recruiters, all while delivering enhanced economic value.”

Having previously secured $100,000 from industry powerhouses Flat6Labs and NilePreneurs, TalentsArena now gears up for the next phase, aspiring to raise $2 million to propel its expansion efforts to greater heights.