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Bahraini citizens have been exempted from paying their electricity and water bills for a period of three months starting this July. 

The decision was taken during a cabinet meeting on Monday as an extension of the government’s efforts to provide relief to the Kingdom’s citizens from the economic impact of COVID-19. The exemption is only valid for the first household of the beneficiary. 

Several important issues were discussed during the weekly cabinet meeting as the government formulated submissions, memorandums, and proposed laws including the following

  • The government will provide companies and institutions with face masks and sterilizers.
  • All Bahraini citizens currently living abroad will be repatriated if they wish to return to the Kingdom.
  • Two new directorates were formed for the Horse Care Affairs Authority. The rank of the CEO position was also finalized.
  • A draft decision was taken to adequately organize employee affairs in the financial services sector. The cabinet also approved the proposal to organize shared services at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy.
  • The fifth National Telecom Plan was forwarded to the Ministerial Committee for Legal and Legislative Affairs.
  • A periodic report was submitted to the Ministerial Committee on Legal and Legislative Affairs on issues pertaining to coordination between Bahrain and various UN agencies.

The cabinet also underscored the importance of celebrating the Eid holidays with adequate precautions.