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The Emirate’s health insurance firm Daman will replace cash payments with e-Dirham services across all its branches and service in January 2018.

After taking the company 6 months of testing to, they have decided to introduce this new payment solution to digitalize services and simplify customer transactions.

Yousif Al Khanjari, CFO of Daman said: “Digitalization has brought significant benefits to businesses and customers; following the testing period, we are confident that this comprehensive e-Dirham rollout will provide our customers with smoother and speedier transactions.” He also added “Payments on the e-Dirham platform are instantaneous, meaning that there is no need to allow time for cheques to clear or even count out change when paying in cash. It provides a streamlined payment system and is widely available for all customers to take advantage of.”

In June 2017, Daman introduced the first e-Dirham through a trial phase which allowed clients to pay for some services using e-Dirham at its Abu Dhabi and Al Ain branches. The system had positive outcomes as it increased efficiency for payments and reduced customer waiting times.

Introducing e-Dirham is part of Daman’s plan to digitize services and improve overall customer experience!