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Daleel, a Bahraini-based financial marketplace, has partnered with ila Bank to bring exciting changes to the banking experience. Their goal is to provide customers with a seamless and innovative way to discover and access a wide range of banking products.

“Financial transparency is the cornerstone of empowering individuals to truly take control of their finances and secure their financial future. At Daleel, we firmly believe in the transformative power of transparency, and our partnership with ila Bank exemplifies our commitment to this cause. By joining forces, we strengthen our position as catalysts for positive change in people’s financial well-being. Together, we aim to break barriers and provide accessible solutions that empower individuals to make informed decisions and achieve their goals. This collaboration not only fortifies our mission but also opens exciting new horizons in the financial sector, where innovation and inclusivity can thrive,” expressed Dania Alshowaikh, Co-founder of Daleel.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Daleel to enhance financial transparency and well-being in the country. This collaboration comes as part of our continued commitment to drive financial innovation and deliver exceptional value to the Bahraini ecosystem. Through this platform, we empower individuals in Bahrain to effortlessly find the most suitable financial products for themselves,” shared Nada Tarada, Head of Business and Customer at ila Bank.

To embark on an easier financial journey, users can download the Daleel app from the Apple Store or Google Play. They can also stay up to date with Daleel’s latest announcements by following their social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The collaboration between Daleel and ila Bank represents a significant stride in transforming the financial services sector and empowering individuals to make well-informed financial decisions. Together, they are working towards creating a more inclusive future and opening up new possibilities for financial stability and growth.