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Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudStart Program has just bagged yet another big client in the Middle East. Endeavor Jordan, a non-profit dedicated to identifying and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in the country, has announced that it is adopting CloudStart.

The move entitles all of Endeavor Jordan’s portfolio companies to $5,000 each in AWS promotional credits, which they can use to develop solutions and services aimed at benefiting Jordan’s population.

Apart from the $5,000 in AWS credit, entrepreneurs associated with Endeavor Jordan will also enjoy access to various AWS resources and online training modules to polish their cloud skills while simultaneously benefiting from an array of opportunities ensured by the AWS cloud.

“We are very grateful for the support of AWS CloudStart, and look forward to cementing our collaboration. Such support will certainly help our innovative companies grow and scale,” said Endeavor Jordan Managing Director, Reem Goussous while appreciating the opportunities brought in by the AWS CloudStart Program.

Endeavor teams up with various academic institutions and other entities all over the world to empower entrepreneurs to bring forth innovative solutions that could earn them a place in the market and benefit the host nation’s economy grow. Some of the global partners are currently collaborating with Endeavor include heavyweights like Harvard Business School, Stanford University, Ernst & Young, and Bain Consulting, to name a few.