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Egyptian social enterprise Entreprenelle wrapped up the third edition of its flagship SheCan Conference in Cairo earlier this week.

For those out of the loop, SheCan is one of the most widely celebrated annual events in MENA that focuses exclusively on women entrepreneurs from the region.

Adding more charm to its appeal, this year the event coincided with International Women’s Day. Female entrepreneurs from all over Egypt and the broader region flocked to the Greek Campus in the heart of Cairo to celebrate the occasion together as a tightly-knit community.

Speaking of turnout, Entreprenelle claims over 5,000 participants attended the event this year, which makes SheCan 3.0 the largest female-focused entrepreneurship event in not just Egypt, but across all of MENA.

As always, the event included an array of different activities including workshops, talks, panel discussions, and more. The speakers were mostly women entrepreneurs and community leaders representing different walks of life.

Speaking on women’s role as entrepreneurs and business leaders, Deputy Ambassador of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, Dorothy Shea, said during her speech: “As far as I’m concerned the sky is the limit. Women should be able to achieve whatever their dreams are. What I was struck by was this idea of ‘successful failures’, we need to not fear failure, it’s not a destination, it is a stepping stone to success.”

It is worth mentioning here that Entreprenelle happens to be one of the most active social enterprises in the region, having organized tens of events all over Egypt including in cities like Alexandria, Cairo, Aswan, Minya, Mansoura, Sohag, and Assiut.