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Sweden-based multinational tech giant Ericsson has announced that it is preparing to launch innovation hubs targeting the Middle East and African markets.

The new initiative is a part of the same global concept that powers Ericsson Garage, an open innovation platform inspired by lean startup methodology where teams actively interact with customers and partners to ensure that the final build of the product can meet customer expectations.

“As a corporate incubator, Ericsson Garage provides a platform for the innovation community as it builds innovation partnerships with customers and academia, supports startups and accelerates the development of new business ideas,” said Rafiah Ibrahim, head of Ericsson Middle East and Africa.

Initially launched in Kista, Sweden, Ericsson Garage has spread its wings over some important markets across the world including in Silicon Valley, Gothenburg, Poland, Beijing, Budapest, Aachen, Paris, Ottawa, Croatia, Montreal, Lund, and Linkoping.

The company now plans on building further on that global expansion plan by setting up Ericsson Garage facilities in the Middle East and Africa. However, Ericsson is yet to confirm the specific locations for these new facilities so stay tuned.