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On February 17, 2024, Etijah Coaching and Consulting Services inaugurated the second edition of the Ladies Who Lead Program, supported by the US Embassy in Bahrain, and hosted at the American University of Bahrain (AUBH).

This program is a new addition to Etijah’s existing repertoire of women’s leadership programs, building on the success of the first edition of the program, conducted in 2022, which saw 110 participants take part in an 8-week-long, customized women’s leadership and development program.

With over 100 participants in attendance, the event was a promising start to the participants’ leadership journey. Opening remarks were delivered by Linda McMullen, Public Affairs Officer from the US Embassy in Bahrain, expressing excitement about supporting participants. “We have worked with Etijah Coaching and Consulting Services before on this program, and we are delighted to be doing so again. This program is a wonderful opportunity to support women in realizing their dreams,” McMullen said.

Dina Shabib, Managing Director of Etijah Coaching and Consulting Services, introduced the program. “Our goal with this program is to empower women in the workplace to become their best selves.” She added, “Through a combination of workshops, speaker sessions, networking events, and personalized coaching, we are dedicated to empowering women to reach their full potential in the workplace.”

In addition to a program orientation, the event also featured the first two sessions of the program. The first session was a captivating Speaker Session featuring Mary-Justine Todd, the visionary founder & CEO of Shamsaha,  the first and only domestic violence crisis response program in the Middle East. Todd’s inspiring journey as a lifelong humanitarian and advocate for women resonated deeply with attendees, igniting a sense of ambition and direction as they embarked on their leadership voyage.

The second session featured a collaborative networking session where participants were given an opportunity to form meaningful relationships with their fellow participants by going through structured networking exercises. These exercises were designed to prompt the participants to share personal challenges, formulate constructive and strategic solutions, and learn from one another’s insights. 

The launch of the second edition of the Ladies Who Lead program is designed to support the integration and retention of women in the workforce by shedding light on common challenges that are faced by many women in the professional world, providing tools on how to take charge of their professional career and fostering inclusive economic growth that reaches marginalized communities of women.

With over 120 participants set to benefit from a total of 9 workshops, speaker sessions and networking events and 1-to-1 career coaching, the program aims to catalyze change in Bahrain’s professional landscape. The program will run for 5 weeks from mid-February to mid-March. 

“I am very excited to learn new perspectives, and meet new people and this is a great venue. I am very happy to be here and to experience something new,” said Maryam, one of the participants. 

For more information about the Ladies Who Lead Program 2024 and upcoming events, please contact