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Etijah Coaching & Consulting
, a Bahrain-based coaching firm that focuses on human capital development, providing services to businesses, students, and individuals, has announced the exciting launch of Bahrain’s first Virtual Internship Program.

The program is set to kickstart this summer, running for 8 weeks as of June 21, 2020,  aiming to provide current university students as well as fresh graduates with summer training in spite of current challenges of COVID-19.

What’s great about The Virtual Internship Program is that it equips students with the opportunity to gain actual work experience without risking their health and safety; as they’ll be training from home.

Students should be able to partake in regular day-to-day company operational tasks, through the program, resulting in their gaining of experience and enhancement of their business skills.

You can sign up as a student as well as an organization to enlist interns. 

Interested in signing up? Click here for students, and here for organizations. For more questions, contact: