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Fab Lab Bahrain, an independent space for collaborative creative making that intends to empower and provide support for young people in Bahrain through their innovation journey, has announced the launch of its virtual summer program starting on July 5th.

The summer program includes various creativity-stimulating activities for kids, such as:

  1. ‘It’s On – Designing your Own Computer Games’, ages 7-10.
  2. ‘Making your ‘Worst’ Car Design – Designing & 3D Printing’, ages 10-12.
  3. ‘What’s the Deal with Low Poly? – Design & Laser Cut Low Polygon Art’, ages 16+.
  4. ‘You’ll Never Fry Chips! – Learn to Build Electronics Virtually’, ages 7-10.
  5. ‘Get to Know |AZ – AR|- Design & Build Your Own Robot’, ages 10-12.
  6. ‘Making Art Sense – Interactive Digital Art’, ages 13-16.
  7. ‘Carve it Like a Pro – Learn the Principles of Computer-Controlled Machining’, ages 16+.

The programs offer a blend of completely virtual programs, programs with home kits & remote access digital fabrication programs. skyAll programs are five days long, lasting for two hours per day. You can register by contacting:

It’s noteworthy to mention that Fab Lab Bahrain is a member of MIT’s global initiative for field on-site technology development.