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Remember Federacy, the San Francisco-based bug bounty platform that enrolled for Y Combinator Summer 2018 class? Well, the company has shot back into the limelight after announcing that it wants to make bug bounty programs available for even the smallest of startups.

That is a significant deviation from the prevailing trend as traditionally bug bounty programs from industry leaders such as HackerOne and Bugcrowd mostly focus on larger organizations. While Federacy focuses on larger enterprises, the company aspires to serve SMEs that have so far been left out of the game due to their budgetary constraints and other mismatches.

William and James Sulinski, the twin brothers that founded Federacy, want to provide smaller organizations with the ability to connect to outside researchers without having to worry much about cost and other limiting factors.

“We think that we can make the biggest impact by making the platform free to set up and incredibly simple for even the most resource-strapped startup to extract value. In doing so, we want to expand bug bounties from probably a few hundred companies currently — across Bugcrowd, HackerOne, etc. — to a million or more in the long run,” William Sulinski said in a conversation with the media.

While that’s certainly an ambitious goal, the company is already getting started with the process. In fact, the company started building the platform right when they enrolled in the Y Combinator program a couple of months back. Once they fully develop a working product, the Sulinski brothers will start testing it on the other members of their cohort.