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Daleel, a Bahraini-based financial marketplace, has partnered with the National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) to bring exciting changes to the banking experience. Their goal is to provide customers with a seamless and innovative way to discover and access a wide range of banking products.

“I am thrilled to announce our partnership with the National Bank of Bahrain. This collaboration is a major milestone for us as MENA’s pioneering financial marketplace. By joining forces with such a leading institution, we are poised to enhance financial well-being and deliver an exceptional experience to our users. This partnership demonstrates the important role played by banks and fintechs in driving innovation in the financial sector. Together, we can unlock new possibilities, redefine the landscape, and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their financial futures. We extend our gratitude to the National Bank of Bahrain for their confidence in our vision,” expressed Prashant Shrivastava, Co-founder of Daleel.

“The National Bank of Bahrain recognizes the importance of Bahraini startups as the backbone of the local economy. We are pleased to be partnering with Daleel as part of our ongoing investment in innovative businesses that will further contribute to the growth of Bahrain’s FinTech ecosystem. Daleel offers a customer-centric FinTech platform that aligns with our brand promise -Closer to You- and our focus on providing a seamless user experience. We look forward to Daleel’s partnership to educate our customers on the most suitable financial products and services.” shared Omar Al Adhami, Head of Retail Digital Banking at NBB.

Daleel, founded in January 2022, is on a mission to simplify finance and assist users in making better financial choices. Their interactive platform enables users to search, compare, and find the right financial products that suit their needs, empowering them to make well-informed and confident financial decisions. Additionally, users can access knowledge and insights directly from financial experts and earn points by completing tasks that promote their physical and financial well-being.

To embark on an easier financial journey, users can download the Daleel app from the Apple Store or Google Play. They can also stay up to date with Daleel’s latest announcements by following their social media accounts on platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The collaboration between Daleel and NBB represents a significant stride in transforming the financial services sector and empowering individuals to make well-informed financial decisions. Together, they are working towards creating a more inclusive future and opening up new possibilities for financial stability and growth.